Wallet II

The Wallet. Redefined.

The World's Slimmest and Most Secure Front Pocket Wallet with contactless RFID Protection.

 Raw II

Simplicity & Elegance

The wallet in your pocket was made to keep your money portable and more importantly safe.

Raw II

Profoundly Thin

The slim and secure design makes for an amazingly discreet front pocket wallet.

Minimalist Essential

It'll fit into any pocket unnoticed & takes up to 7 cards and a few folded bills

Raw II

Carefully Crafted

Every single part of the Vinco Wallet is crafted to perfection, from the bespoke Italian leather to the fine stitching which holds it all together.

Raw II

Unquestionably Secure

Worldwide more than 40% of people own a contactless card.
They are prone to RFID skimming, allowing thieves to take your money and details without detection.

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Asphalt Black - Cocoa Brown - Tuscan Red

Wallet II - Vinco Life
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Asphalt Black
Cocoa Brown
Tuscan Red